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Online ordering system

One of the most creative solutions in recent years in the field of the food industry was the invention of an online ordering system. Several service providers tried to provide a useful infrastructure for restaurants to make their menu online and accessible to online users. These service providers help restaurants to make an online menu and deliver them payment and ordering solutions to offer their products online. Restaurants and food provider companies can use these services to present their products online and receive online orders

online ordering system

Online ordering system providers use various types of monetization and business models according to their business strategies. Some of them charge users monthly or annually, while some others offer freemium subscriptions and other types of registrations. In the following article, we will introduce 10 ordering systems worth considering. is one of the most powerful online ordering systems that you can find in the market. It uses a unique freemium structure in which users can establish their online restaurant and make their online menu freely, then with gaining more than 100 orders in the month they should pay a small charge monthly. offers many useful features and solutions to restaurants that could be used freely by them to achieve success. offers a technical solution that restaurants can use without the need to know technical material. Its main feature is simplicity in use that makes it a user-friendly system. This online ordering system provider offers advanced features to users while keeps everything simple.

Restaurants can use various features of this service to optimize their business. When they use this system, several types of data about sales, customers, items, and accounting are available by which they can analyze their performance. They can simply enter detail about items in their menu with only one click without any need for technical knowledge.

restaurant owner laptop offers its services with a freemium subscription and users are not required to pay any charge before achieving more than 100 orders in the month. This helps users to test the online ordering system without paying those high prices that some service providers offer for their services.


MenuDrive is a great service provider that helps restaurants to have a reliable online menu that is branded and graphically designed. Restaurant owners only have to send their pictures, detail, and branding material to customize their POS and online ordering system.

MenuDrive is a great option especially for those restaurants that care about their branding. It offers very attractive services that help restaurants to have an online menu. However, these services are not free and users should pay $99 monthly to use them. They can also use annual subscriptions that come $90 monthly.

Toast POS

Toast is one of the most popular restaurant POS systems that are available. This great software comes with a variety of built-in features such as an integrated online ordering system; a loyalty rewards program, gift card generation ability, and a specific inventory management system.

Toast POS offers hardware solutions and restaurants that need these services should contact them to implement the required hardware. After this, they have to pay a monthly fee of $79 for one terminal, and also $50 for every additional terminal.

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Chownow is another software company that offers its services to restaurants. It offers an online ordering system and app that could be used in several ways, via Facebook, branded mobile apps, or even the current website of the restaurant.

Chownow offers its services at flat prices. Prices are different according to their plans, and their range is between $99 to $150 per month, plus setup fees that are applied per location.


Upserve is another service provider that offers full-service restaurant management systems that also could be used for bars, coffee shops, wineries, and bakeries. Their online ordering system is integrated with its POS system, payment services, and mobile app. Upserve offers its products with additional items that users can activate according to their needs. The quality of services in this system is great and it is easy to implement and use. It also offers 24/7 support that is very helpful for restaurants that use it.

As we mentioned earlier, Upserve offers additional services to users. They can subscribe to the core plan for $59 per month. If they need additional terminals, they should pay $60 per additional terminal. They can add different parts to their software for managing inventory for $99 monthly.

Square POS

Square POS is another software and system provider that offers specially tailored solutions for restaurants. It uses a single interface for various types of orders and activities that make it one of the easiest to use available online ordering systems. Restaurants can use this system to integrate carryout and dine-in orders in the same system.

Square POS does not offer a monthly subscription plan. It uses another business model and charges 2.6% of each transaction including a $0.10 flat fee for any transaction. When used in a team plan, users should pay in two plans: for 2 to 5 employees they should pay $50 monthly, and for 6 to 10 employees they should pay $90 monthly.

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Restolabs is another service provider that offers an online ordering system for restaurants with several features including Facebook ordering, multilingual support, and real-time analytics. Restolabs offers easy to use solutions that could be integrated easily with other systems and services.

Restolabs offers a limited free version. It also offers a free trial for users. Its pricing starts at $45 per month.


CAKR is another service and solution provider that helps restaurants with its tailored management systems that include an online ordering system. They provide a cloud-based system that could be used for online orders along with in-person and offline orders on the same platform. This makes usage of this service very easy and integrated.

CAKE comes with a free trial and if you want to upgrade, you should pay $69 monthly for their subscription.


iMenu360 is a platform for online ordering that helps users to create a custom interactive menu that could be used on their websites. You can use this type of menu on your website easily and merge it with your brand to enhance the experience of the customer. This menu also can easily be integrated with various POS systems. IMenu360 offers integrated services that are very great for the usage of restaurants.

The first setup fee for these services is about $299 and subscribers should also pay $39.99 monthly. They should also pay a small percentage of their sales.

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GloriaFood is another service provider that offers an online ordering system to restaurants. It offers features that are especially helpful for mixing various types of orders. It allows restaurants to accept orders from their Facebook page as well as their website. GloriaFood also offers integrated features that help restaurants to manage their orders more easily.

What is amazing about GloriaFood is that its basic system is completely free. You can use many features of this great system without any need to pay anything. But some features and upgrades are not free, and one of them is payment with credit cards. is another service provider for restaurants that is one of the best options for small restaurants. It is a platform that could be used to customize restaurant websites with the specific need of their business. offers one of the easiest ways for restaurants to have a web presence with professional features.

This service provider offers a range of pricing for different uses. Individuals that want to use this service can pay $19 monthly, and this is where the pricing starts. Startups and large enterprises should pay $299 per month to use these services.


eDelivery is another service provider that offers a different service to restaurants. Restaurants and businesses that use mobile ordering for local delivery can use these services. This service could be used also by grocery shops, laundries, and alcohol deliveries that use local delivery in their business.

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eDelivery is free but to use it, you should use its script code, which needs a technical understanding. You can simply use its open-source code in your website to use its features. This service provider offers free service, but it is not easy to use at all.

Last Words

Several types of online ordering systems are available in the market. In this article, we introduced some of the most important products and service providers that offer these services to restaurants. Most of these service providers use monthly subscriptions as their primary business model. They charge between $20 to $200 monthly and their services have a small difference. is the only option that uses a freemium business model that does not require any payment before the success of the system. is also an easy-to-use service provider that lets users without any technical knowledge create an online menu and use it in their online ordering apps. Restaurants can use this service freely till they receive more than 100 orders in the month. After that, they will be charged for a small amount that is relative to their income.

take your restaurant online [step-by-step guide]
take your restaurant online [step-by-step guide]

A step-by-step guide to take your restaurant online and receive online orders.

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take your restaurant online [step-by-step guide]
take your restaurant online [step-by-step guide]

A step-by-step guide to take your restaurant online and receive online orders.

Download Now