The 5 things restaurants hate about food delivery services

Food delivery services include dedicated websites and apps that receive foods from restaurants and deliver it to their customers. These services make a profit from offering various kinds of foods produced by different restaurants to online customer homes; they don’t produce foods and don’t represent daily changes in the menu. They make it easy for customers to receive their food right at their home, but these customers could be limited to options that these services offer, and loss many advantages of going to a restaurant.

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This type of internet-based service, just like any other service, offers some pros and cons to users and these features should be compared to choose by using them. Restaurant owners and managers can use these services to achieve more customers, but they also should be aware of the disadvantages of using these services. In the following article, we will introduce the most important disadvantages that these online services offer to restaurants.

They increase the price

The first unavoidable problem is that food delivery services will charge a price for their services, and this will upset both customers and restaurants. Customers when using online food delivery systems should pay more than using restaurant takeout on their own.

Online food providing systems use a business model that gains profit from increasing the price of items. Thus, customers when using these systems have to pay more charges, which makes these services pricy and unaffordable for many. These expensive prices are the number one problem that customers would confront when using these apps.

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They also receive a high commission from restaurants, which makes using their services expensive for these businesses. Restaurants that have delivery resources prefer to don’t use these services because of their high charges. However, many restaurants that don’t have a reputation yet, or located at places far from daily visitors, use these services to achieve customers without which they don’t have access. But reputable restaurants that offer quality foods, instead of using these services, use their food delivery systems.

Food delivery services use digital marketing solutions to gain more customers. They gather customers from various neighborhoods and places of the city and give them access to local foods. At first glance, it seems that they will offer more options than a single restaurant, but when you look carefully at their services, you can find out that the options are more limited in these services, because they don’t present all available options in the restaurant. They receive benefits from resourcing foods and delivering them to their customers or users at a higher price, and this is their number one disadvantage.

Lack of Food Quality Monitoring

Food delivery companies, such as ubereats, GrubHub, or doordash establish a network of providers and customers and link them together. They have nothing to do with the quality of foods and offer what is available at their networks. That’s because many restaurants that offer low-quality foods use these services to achieve more customers that otherwise, they don’t have any access to.

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Restaurant delivery services provide a new business model for restaurants in which they don’t necessarily need higher quality for their foods. When customers use food delivery services they only have access to the pictures of the foods, and providing high-quality pictures differs from providing high-quality foods!

Traditionally, restaurants that offer quality foods will gain a reputation after a while. This process today is different thanks to food delivery companies, and restaurants need more beautiful pictures and high-quality photos to attract new customers. Thus, low-quality restaurants can use the food delivery business to gain customers otherwise they can not have access. They can simply register their restaurant at these services and produce various food photos that will attract customers. They don’t need high-quality foods to make deals and sell their products.

This is one of the most unavoidable problems of restaurant delivery services which causes many famous restaurants to avoid using these services. Reputable restaurants gain customers by offering quality foods, and restaurant-goers care about the reputation of restaurants. Food delivery services cut this process on the behalf of convenience. Thus, you can use simply one of these restaurant delivery services with ease at your home, but you can not receive high-quality foods by using them, at least not necessarily.

Late Delivery

From checking the menu and ordering your desired items, to receive and consuming foods often takes near an hour. That is while you can receive your ordered foods from a local restaurant with delivery resources in less than 30 minutes.

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When you order foods for your guest's dinner, for example, you need to receive them in time. Food delivery services late most of the time. They will provide a digital roadmap that is always behind what you see on your phone screen, and you should entertain your guests till the foods arrive. This is a really bad experience that makes you stressed, and when you sum it with bad quality and high prices, you might reconsider your next plan.

When customers make the order, it is important to deliver their desired foods warm and right in time. Many restaurants use their delivery systems to make sure that their products are distributed just in time. Restaurant delivery services can not manage every single order to be delivered right in time, because they host thousands of users and service providers, which makes it somehow unmanageable.

This problem is one of the main disadvantages of these services that is somehow unavoidable. A restaurant should take delivery time seriously, and provide the right estimates about it. Because the late delivery makes customers very upset, many restaurants that care about their customers don’t use these services.

Who is the delivery person?

Another unavoidable disadvantage of food delivery services is that they use not trained delivery resources to provide a delivery system. Food is an important and potentially risky item to deliver, and when restaurant delivery systems use unresponsible persons to deliver foods, they may put their customers at risk.

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Reputable restaurants use suitable delivery persons because they care about their customers and also their reputation. A rude delivery person that will embrace you in front of your guests because you complained about late delivery is not acceptable, but it is highly possible when you order from these food delivery companies.

Food delivery services need thousands of delivery persons, and they can not manage all of these delivery persons in all aspects. That’s why they might bring your food by a delivery person that makes you nervous, angry, or upset. You can call the number of the public relations of your used food delivery business, but that does not change anything, and you need to make better decisions. The delivery person is the only one you will confront when you use these services, and when this person does not come from the restaurant, but the service provider, you can put it on the account of the service provider. The delivery person is as important as a cashier in the restaurant, and you will not put an unresponsible person at your restaurant's point of sale.

Excessive waste production

Food delivery services use their packagings to deliver various restaurants' foods. In other words, they add another layer of packaging to the produced foods, which will increase the waste production. These wastes will harm the environment as they can not be resolved to nature.

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Restaurants use packaging that is designed to carry warm foods. Food delivery systems put these packagings in their packagings to make the food delivery under their brand. These packagings don’t have any other use than introducing a food delivery business brand. Thus, to be more environmentally friendly, restaurants don’t use these services.

Last Words

Food delivery services are online service providers that offer a network of restaurants and food providers to their customers. At the first glance, they are useful to service providers that offer many more options than a single restaurant can offer. But when you reassess their services, you can see that their options are more limited, and the quality of foods is lower than what a traditional restaurant offers. They also offer various types of cons regarding the environment and customers.

They have multiple disadvantages that could not be explained in this article; however, we analyzed five of the most disadvantages of these restaurant takeout services. Expensive prices, low quality, late delivery, and cold foods are usual disadvantages that when you use these services can experience. Because of these disadvantages, reputable restaurants prefer not to use these services. Instead, they try to use those kinds of online ordering systems that are managed internally by their resources, over which they have control. These services are online ordering services that restaurants can use to take orders from their customers. Restaurant managers need a delivery service that helps them to offer their products with the best quality, to attract customers to their products, not services that use their products to bring a third-party brand.

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