Online Menu| 15 ways to promote Your Restaurant's QR Code menu

Today, most industries are trying to find a way to digitize their business. The corona pandemic and the current situation have made it even more popular. For example, in an environment such as a restaurant, most people prefer to use online menus to order food. They can access it by scanning the menu code of their favorite restaurant.

Online Menu is a digital solution for food collections so that you can reduce costs and increase sales of your collection.

As a food business, you should know where is the right place to put the QR code menus to stimulate the customer to use this menu. Also, give your customers more confidence by using the online menu during the Corona era.

In this article, we want to explain where is it necessary to put the QR code of the menu? Join us to talk more about these issues ...

Why is restaurant online menu Important?

After you start a restaurant, one of the main concerns for you is to have a proper food menu. Given the proliferation of restaurants, one of the things that can make you different from your competitors is having free online menu.

According to research, experts in this field have concluded that having an online food menu can be one of the most important advertising tools for that business. Customers often get tired of ordering and crowded when they go to a restaurant, which can be frustrating and waste their time. The purpose of the free restaurant online menu is to make the restaurant space completely smart. It is necessary to know that providing a restaurant menu on a personal phone with attractive images in a very beautiful and smooth environment will ultimately increase customer satisfaction and even increase his shopping cart. The digital menu is designed so that users can easily select and register their favorite food in a short time.

15 ways to promote Your Restaurant's QR Code menu:

QR Code menu in restaurant windows

Return customers with QR Code menus in restaurant windows:

By placing the QR Code menu on the windows of the restaurant, even passers-by will see this code and will want to enter your restaurant.

QR Code menu in order counter

QR Code menus in order counters:

One of the simplest uses of QR code is to print it on advertising posters or near restaurant counters and customers can use it to facilitate their selection.

online menu on social media

Share the QR code image on social media:

You can get help from social media to see the QR Code of your restaurant. Such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can put the URL of the digital menu in cyberspace or put your QR Code photo on your restaurant page.

QR Code menu printed on food packages

QR code can be printed on food packages:

Instead of giving each customer a piece of paper, you can print the QR code on your food boxes. This way, with just one scan of the code, the customer can view and save your menu information but paper menus may be lost.

QR Code on the tables

Print the QR Code on the tables:

It is one of the easiest places to put this code on a restaurant table. This is the best option for those who want to enjoy their food indoors.

QR code on your restaurant card

Print the QR code on your restaurant cards:

Access to the menu outside the collection is a good option for outside orders. You can provide QR CODE in the form of small cards or labels that can be installed on the desk or refrigerator to the customer. Customers will easily access your menu this way.

QR code on banner

Use QR code on banners:

You can print the QR code of your online menu on a banner and place it on the walls of the restaurant. In this case, this menu is more visible to customers and when they enter the restaurant, they attract their attention.

QR code menu on restaurant screen

Put the QR code on your restaurant screen:

If you have a TV or screen in your restaurant, you can first introduce your restaurant with a suitable and short video ad, and after stating the benefits of the online menu, put the QR code at the end of the video to draw customers' attention to using this code.

QR code menu on coaster

QR code on entertainment equipment:

You can put items on the table to entertain customers and print the QR code on them. Also, if, for example, you used a vase to design your restaurant tables, you can print the QR code on it. Or on a box of tissues and other items that are visible to the customer.

QR code menu on restaurant door

Print this code on your restaurant door:

By placing this code on the entrance, even when your restaurant is closed, people will see this code and will be eager to use it and curious to see your menu. This allows them to scan the code and store your restaurant and food information to use for their orders.

QR code on website

Put the QR code on your website:

If you have your own website, you can put this code there. If you increase your site traffic, more customers will be encouraged to use this code.

QR code on the stand menu

Put the QR code on the stand menus:

You can place a stand in front of your restaurant entrance door with a QR code printed on it. You can also place small standing stands on each table. Menu Stand is a great alternative to paper menus.

QR code on email

Reservation confirmation emails:

When your customer wants to reserve a table, you can also send a QR code in the reserving confirmation email. Customers can access your menu from home or work via the relevant link that you send them by email.

QR code menu on reciept

Payment Receipt:

Provide customers with a QR code along with payment receipts so that if they do not use the above methods, they can have your menu for their next orders.

QR code menu on the floor

Print QR code on the floor and in front of the front door:

You can print this code in large size on the floor so that the customer can see it when entering the restaurant. Note that it should be printed in such a way that this code will not be damaged for a long time when people pass through it.

These days, to avoid printing paper menus and adhering to hygienic protocols, most restaurants that value their customers are looking for QrCode-based menus.

The digital menu is designed in such a way that users can easily order their food in a short time. In the online menu, users can enter the online ordering section by scanning the barcode in the restaurant via mobile phone, and by selecting the desired order, they can apply the details they like and after a few minutes, they can order their order.

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