10 Social Media Tricks To Attract More Customers To Your Restaurant

2020 was the year of changes…

Many things have changed since last year exactly in time when a little microscopic creature named Corona was born.

There is a fact said that the universe always keeps the ones who/what is the most flexible to the changes, so; to survive there’s no way but to get adopted to the changes!

And by adoption, we mean changing the ways of attracting customers in any industry!

So in that case we are going to introduce you to some tricks of restaurant marketing ideas:

Why online marketing for restaurants is important?

The competition between food markets and restaurants has become stronger and tougher these days; so to keep on moving forward, having a better and improved cycle of financial situations and also having a great position among all of the restaurants and cafes, you must learn how to bring the ideas of social media marketing for restaurants in your to-do lists and make them your priorities.

So in the list mentioned below, we are going to represent the best 10 ideas for restaurant social media marketing:

restaurant social media marketing

10 ideas for restaurant social media marketing:

  1. Posting appealing photos and pictures of your delightful dishes on your social media applications pages:

    As the scientist had proved before, one of the strongest ways of trapping someone’s hearts is by catching their eyes!

    appealing photo of food

    Posting delicious photos of your foods, beverages, salads, appetizers, and desserts on your social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, etc., is all that we call catching somebody’s eye! Therefore sharing your creating arts and beauties can be a great lead to the better attraction of customers to your place.

    And also keep that in mind to respond whether they express their opinion on any social media platform, whether they are positive or negative, our advice is to reply to every single customer review you get. Not only will this allow you to win the loyalty of the authors and gather feedback to improve your service, but it will also allow you to improve your SEO. Indeed, most restaurant ranking algorithms reduce the impact of negative reviews when restaurant owners make the effort of replying to them.

  2. Deceleration of being ready to hold special events like Halloweens, Christmas, Valentine’s days, international calendar days of men/women, etc., regardless of any differentials in religions and beliefs and providing gifts and special offers on these days can draw any customers’ attention to your restaurant.

    Throwing parties can always be a great vibe; so why how about taking this fantastic vibe to your place?

    Be a place for your customers where they can build their greatest moments and memories with you…!

  3. Take your restaurant online:

    By setting up an online food ordering system , you can easily make your restaurant accessible for online users.

    online restaurant

    An online menu with the option of seeing the ingredients, the appearance of the food, and the capability of adding or subtracting different items in the customers’ choice can be a very attractive way of giving an order; especially when it comes to online orderings!

    Since the end of 2016, mobile search rates have surpassed desktop rates, and 70% of people with a smartphone will look at a menu on their phone.

    Besides all, sharing your restaurant's online ordering system URL all over the internet on social media can make people know you better and more.

  4. A strong introduction is key to every customer’s heart!

    If you ever feel the need to create a great imagination in people’s minds, you should be capable of drawing its perfect painting and sketch in everybody’s minds and capture their whole memory.

    By providing equivalent and complete information about your restaurant like the location, talking about the equipment and options of your place like Wi-Fi service, a place for kids to play, terrace (if available), having enough parking spot, roof gardens, the operational hours and contact information, you can set a customer’s mind free of all the obsessions.

  5. Providing coupons and gift cards can motivate people to get back to you for the next time. You can buy gifts, flowers or anything that you think can make a person happy.

    So there’s nothing joyful but to be thankful and show your love and support to your customers by making them feel special.

    The coupons or gift cards can either be given when a person goes to a restaurant for example for the first time or ordering food online.

    It can also be a gift for permanent customers to encourage them to hold on to you more and more.

  6. Inviting food bloggers to your restaurant

    Working with social media influencers and food bloggers is a sure-fire way to raise your profile efficiently. On the one hand, influencers have gathered audiences of thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of followers they can share their experience at your restaurant with, in a picture or video format. On the other hand, you can use that content for your own social media pages, by sharing, or “reprogramming” their posts on your restaurant account. Post some photos and video clips of them showing their joy and interest in your foods can also be a good way to announce your quality and your name to people on social media networks.

  7. Online reservation capability can also tend anyone to freely take a seat even when in times there are might not be any seat available especially at weekends and special calendar days. By providing this option, you can be always everyone’s first choice in any situation!!!

    In the world of social distancing bring out the spirit of technology into everyone’s home!

  8. Using hashtags:

    Trying to trend a Hashtag introducing you, will be a perfect idea to light up a lamp in your fan's and customer’s mind! Because Hashtag is a new way to be seen by the world of technologies.

    Generally, the hashtag is a tool to reach a specific subject and so in this way you can identify the relative posts.

  9. Innovation in introducing new products and dishes weekly online:

    Unveiling new menu items like new foods, beverages, Salads, café bar drinks, and desserts weekly or monthly both online and in the restaurant can also be an impressive point to either a permanent or a newcomer.

    Normally all of the customers will be attracted to interesting new menu items and they will attempt to give it a try at least once!

  10. Performing new ideas like teaching how to cook foods of your own menu on social media. One of the attractive ways is to teach the recipes of your menu online so in this case, the customers will get to know your menu and the delightful taste of your foods better and will be your fans.

    Many people all around the world have a fever for cooking so what’s better than a representation of your delightful dish to the world?

Keeping up with technology is almost a necessity in this society. And the science of proper way of using technology is a priority for improvement.

Social media marketing as a way of being online has become one of the greatest issues for the owners, businessmen, buyers, suppliers, and other people all around the world.

“Trust” is the beating heart of an online trade…

And drawing the customer’s attention is the most important subject for the restaurant owners.

So to obtain the best percentage and rate of the benefit in achieving the happiness of the customer, there must be a proper reference of training which can lead all of the people to a new world of the technology.

As the changes have occurred to the world, the human being must be prepared for a faster transition to the new version of everything or unless they will never receive the main goal they have ever dreamed of.

The instruction of social media marketing for restaurants is also an important rule to shine bright as a top star in restaurants and the food industry’s sky.

However, dealing with daily issues of advertisement and marketing is not an easy problem for the restaurant holders; but learning different ways of social media food marketing ideas can be healed to world’s wounds; because food is always the door to happiness …!

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