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simple as piece of cake

The simplicity of use

"Take orders like a piece of a cake." The complexity of using online food ordering platforms has discouraged many restaurants from using them. And many customers are not patient enough to go through complicated routes of filling out various forms for ordering food. Considering these concerns, AppFood has provided a very simple and brief solution so that the customer would be able to order food in less than two minutes, and the restaurant can see the order with just three clicks and then give it to the kitchen. In fact, in addition to considering the graphic magnetism of the system, which can be very effective in the restaurants' order taking system, AppFood has made the use of the system as simple as possible.

restaurant comprehensive solution

AppFood is a restaurant comprehensive way to become popular

" AppFood helps you to be seen everywhere." The proficiency of a restaurant is to cook delicious food and satisfy its customers in this way and make them prepared for the next order. But delicious food is not the only guarantee for your sales. In order to increase your income, you need to be seen more and better, which is the specialty of AppFood. It is possible for you to be seen by your customers wherever they are, with the help of the professional AppFood system. The search engines (SEO) are visited thousands or millions of times a day by your customers, AppFood publishes your food menu in these engines and brings you customers, and this is conducted completely free of charge. Social Networks (SEM) is one of the other biggest gathering places for your customers, and AppFood can easily introduce you and your business to all your friends and followers. If you have a website, and you want to make visitors familiar with your food menu, AppFood will help you with this route. The AppFood experts know about all digital marketing techniques, and they are ready to help you.

hand clicking start

Start with a click

"Don't worry about costs; AppFood supports you." All restaurants, large and small, and even home-cooked businesses can start their work with the free AppFood solution. We will not charge you any money until your business becomes prosperous and earns a good income, and you can use all the features of AppFood for free. Of course, when your business develops, and the daily orders increase, we will receive a small amount of money from you as a monthly subscription to cover the system support costs.

man updating mobile

AppFood is always up-to-date

"We are trying for your satisfaction." The world of technology is evolving every day, and it needs to be updated for better use of the system and increase the security of services. We are always making efforts to improve the quality of our services by considering your comments and suggestions, and increase the speed of service and provide you the up-to-date tools by updating the software and hardware technologies of the servers. Our experts are monitoring the AppFood services in the software support and user support unit of the system 24/7, and they will support you in developing your business.

online restaurant customers

Customers belong to you

"You can be the owner of all the benefits of your restaurant." Despite the online food ordering services, which retain all customer information for them and you are just present as a food supplier, AppFood recognizes customer ownership as your right and lets you manage your customers yourself without any interference. As a consultant and provider of the software infrastructure, AppFood first gives you the advice to increase customer satisfaction and attract maximum orders and then provides you with the required software infrastructure.

online food order

Take orders without intermediation

"create loyal customers." In online food ordering services, providing high-quality services by you will increase the credibility of the intermediary service, and your restaurant customers will think that all the quality comes from the intermediary, so they will not become loyal to you. AppFood provides you a platform to have direct communication with customers to be with them in all stages of the ordering and after it. And it will turn them into the regular customers of your restaurant.

salesmen working

Monitoring the sales and providing solutions

"All the sales profit is for you." There is no need to pay commissions for your orders in the online food service. Take orders without limitation, and all the income will be for you. Have direct communication with your customers to understand the customer's needs better and increase their number with your ideas. AppFood supports you in this direction with up-to-date and professional tools.

online handshaking

AppFood is committed to your business

"the goal of AppFood is the success of your business." You may also be concerned that software service companies may lose their service quality after a while, or do not support your services anymore, and this will harm your business. It is your right to be concerned about this issue, and, with more than 15 years of experience in launching various startups, we have proven that we will never stop providing services for the customers, even if it has only one active customer. We obtain value from our customers, so we make efforts to make your business prosperous day by day and increase its income.

system process

System agility

In many websites, when you want to receive a demo of the online ordering system or services, you need to communicate with the company and wait a long time. AppFood provides you the possibility to activate your exclusive dashboard completely online in less than 1 minute and use the tools in it.

programmer is coding

Having Self-sufficiency in technology

after years of research, investigation, and using the most experienced and professional experts in the field of technology, today, we have reached the point where we conduct everything with self-sustainability from the idea of the product to design and production. The founders of AppFood are always trying to provide the latest tools to improve the quality of your service to your customers by learning and using up-to-date knowledge.

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