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GrillChik restaurant


Its fried chickens are very popular, and its customers drive there for two hours to be there to eat their tasty chickens. It's been a year since this small restaurant opened in western Illinois, and during that time, it has been able to create more than 500 regular customers who visit it at least once a month. Martin opened this small restaurant with his fiancé in a 30 square meter environment, and now he has seven staff, and the restaurant space is more than 200 meters. AppFood is proud to have such loyal customers, and we are very happy to see the development of this entrepreneur.

Martin: Just when I was getting frustrated with my low income, I became familiar with App Food. I got a very positive feeling, and I launched my complete online menu in two or three hours and introduced it to more than 300 people on my social networks. The idea of AppFood was my turning point.

cotion idea-explainer video
cotion idea-explainer video

YumYum Burger


Steve established his small restaurant in a 6-meter caravan in 2018, after his employer had to close down the restaurant. At first, he only made charcoal burgers, but all his customers were passing by, and wherever he settled, only a limited number of people bought food from him. In late 2019, he launched his online menu in App Food, and he was able to create 150 loyal customers before the outbreak of Coronavirus. After the Coronavirus and encouraging people to stay at home, Steve increased his customers to 450 people in three months by publishing ads on the web and social media, bringing his customers to 450, and now he has four staff and three caravan restaurants.

Steve: When I opened my restaurant, I did not think I would have 450 regular customers who come to me every month and maybe every week. I got familiar with AppFood by one of my friends, and since it did not charge me to start the business, I could easily develop my business. And now, despite my high income, AppFood only receives a small and fixed amount of money for subscription from me.

Chillout Family Restaurant


Angelina specializes in mixed meat and chicken sandwiches that, of course, her sauces with their unique formula make them very delicious, and she has more than 140 orders daily. According to Angelina, her mother was her first incentive, and she started a home-cooked meal and sold it to her friends and neighbors with the support of her father. She has launched an online menu in AppFood about ten months ago and earned a lot of income by attracting 300 active customers. Now her mother and father started to help her and turned the garage into a professional and completely hygienic restaurant.

Angelina: My financial condition was tough, and I was desperately looking for a job with a good income. I started a home business with the support of my mother and father, but now AppFood has made it a full-time job with a high income so that all members of my family can work and earn good money.

cotion idea-explainer video
cotion idea-explainer video



According to him, he always loved staying with his father on the weekends and helping him in cooking homemade steaks. He finally achieved his childhood dream and started his restaurant in 2015; he increased the number of his branches to three and hired more than 30 people. But with the outbreak of the Coronavirus, his income decreased a lot until he decided to close down two of his branches. He had to dismiss a large number of employees until he became familiar with AppFood, and now his orders in one branch are the same amount as three branches. Now Tommy has more than 800 regular monthly customers and a large number of in-person visits.

Tommy: Corona did a lot of damage to my business, and even the more painful issue was the dismissal of my loyal workforce, which I had to do due to the increase in costs. I became familiar with AppFood on social media by accident, and I did not take it seriously first and started working with it very limitedly. But after a week, I got a few calls that we registered order in your online ordering system, but you did not take any actions. Now AppFood has taken me back to my best days, and I became able to take some of my staff back to work.

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