How to Take Your Restaurant Online: A Recipe for Success

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Many restaurants try to use online space and the internet to receive online orders. But many of them fail in this process because they don’t take proper steps. Several conditions should be considered for a restaurant to be successful in the process of becoming an online restaurant. From menu design and choosing proper items to the maintenance of an online website, there are various effective steps that a restaurant should take toward success.

online restaurant

In the following article, we will introduce various tips and steps that should be taken by a restaurant. From planning and its various considerations to the maintenance of a website, we will cover everything that you need to know for the success of your online restaurant. Thus, if you have an idea about making online solutions, then read this article to find out how you can go ahead with your idea.

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Steps toward a successful online restaurant

Like any other successful project, establishing an online restaurant needs many considerations. You should know who will be your audience and how you can interact with her/him, which items to offer, and how to manage the process. In short, various steps toward a successful online venture include:

  • Planning: various considerations that are important before starting the project
  • Launch: getting online and making an online food ordering system
  • Growth: improve your restaurant ordering system to have a reliable online ordering system
  • Support: Keeping your customers happy and using online marketing for restaurants

As you might know, each part of this list contains several tasks that should be done accurately and according to the plan. In the following, we will introduce some of the most important tasks toward a successful online ordering system.

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Many considerations should be noted in the planning phase of the development of an online restaurant. The first and most important step is to identify customers and audiences. You should have a clear idea about your customer and various aspects of their identities. For example, if they are young teenagers you should use a style that is interesting for teenagers, while if your customers were pregnant women you would use another style. You should also consider their financial condition. When your customers have a large budget you can offer various types of expensive menus, while if they were poor people you would offer more affordable items on your menu.

At this stage, you should consider making a menu for your online restaurant. This menu can not be the same menu that you use in your physical restaurant because it must contain only those items that could be ok with remaining in a box for a while. Thus, you have to limit your restaurant's online menu to portable items.

You have to decide about many things at this stage, including whether you want to use third-party service providers to make your menu online or use your website or app to offer your services. As you might know, various types of considerations are associated with any choice you make at this stage. You should also think about the delivery process because if you want to establish your online food ordering system, you might need also to establish a delivery system. Several considerations follow these decisions which should be made carefully.

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Planning Considerations

The following list contains some of the most important considerations that you should think about when you are trying to establish an online restaurant:

  • Market research (finding various data about your customer (Persona) whether s/he is a person or an organization? probable wanted and desired items, etc.)
  • Assembly menu (restaurant online menu differs from restaurant offline menu, the former contains only portable items of the offline menu
  • Packaging solutions (how you will deliver your food to the customer?)
  • Delivery considerations (you want to hire new delivery persons or simply use third-party delivery options?)
  • Platform (how you want to offer your restaurant online menu? For example, you might want to offer an app and become one of the most successful restaurants ordering apps, or use other web-based solutions)
  • Marketing (how you can reach your customers? Which marketing strategies and methods should be used for your restaurant? Online marketing for restaurants is not the same as marketing for online restaurants, and this later requires more labor.

These are not the full list of considerations, and you might find other important considerations for the planning phase for an online food ordering system. What is important is to be aware of various types of requirements and considerations that necessary when you try to establish such a system.

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When you have a restaurant online menu that is properly adapted for online orders, you can start your online business by launching it. You can launch your online restaurant with a discount for first orders to incentive your customers to make online orders. You should also think about other important factors such as managing orders and their delivery and accounting of your accounts.

Because the online ordering system adds a new order line to your restaurant, you need to dedicate proper resources to it. It is also recommended to use an integrated POS for your restaurant that prints invoices for both online and physical orders. This will help you in accounting for your income and expenses and makes it possible to manage all accounts by an accountant or person.

You should also use online marketing plans for the launch of your online ordering restaurant. How you want to interact with your audiences and where? You should use suitable marketing campaigns to achieve your desired audiences.


The next step involves the growth of your online restaurant and you should identify new chances at this stage. Now you understand that your online ordering system works as a new line of customers for your restaurant and that you should extend it to more channels to achieve more customers.

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You should think about the various facilities that you can use to increase your customers. For example, almost everyone today has a social media network account. You can use social media networks to deliver your online menu to more people. Your customers can work on social media networks as your representatives by sharing their experiences with your online restaurant. You should be aware that this could also work against you and helps to spread your name as a bad provider. Thus, it is recommended to think more about public relationships when you want to establish an online food ordering system.

You should use various types of marketing methods to draw the attention of more audiences. That’s only possible by using various marketing channels, from social media networks to different types of advertisements on the internet.


You may use an advanced system for making your restaurant online and offer your online menu to online audiences, but that does not mean you can be successful. To be successful in this way, you have to think about the support center of your online restaurant. Handling online orders could be a difficult task that may need dedicated persons. You should keep your customers happy and offer incentives to them for more orders.

You can think about various types of incentives: discounts, free meals, or subscriptions are great ways to interact with customers and supporting your online business. You can also define conditions according to which customers can receive loyalty rewards and gifts, for example, one free meal per 6 orders or something like that.

One of the most effective incentives is to offer rewards to customers that share your online ordering system on their social media pages. By offering rewards and gifts to these customers, you will incentive other customers to share your restaurant on their social media pages, and that will help you to have much better marketing.

Users on social media networks will trust other users, and if your business becomes attractive for social media users you gain significant success. Thus, it is recommended to offer incentives for your customers to interact with your page on social media networks, because this will especially help your online restaurant to have more customers and credit.

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Last Words

Many restaurants try to offer their products and items online to gain more customers and grow their market. Few of them will achieve success because many of them are unaware of the different requirements of an online restaurant. That’s while they can simply consider various aspects of this type of business and take their steps according to its requirement. We tried in this article to explain various aspects and requirements for an online food ordering system for restaurant owners and managers, to help them understand clearly what they should do and how to start.

Providing a restaurant order system for your restaurant is possible only by considering all aspects and requirements of this work. Thus, you should think clearly about it before starting: which foods are proper for your online menu, how to handle deliveries, and how incentive people to use these services, are among the most important questions that you need to answer before many others that can lead to a successful online restaurant.

If it seems confusing, to start download the eBook of successful online restaurant workbook [step by step guide],in this eBook we will guide you step by step and explain the exact steps that you need to take. By following this eBook steps, you will have an online restaurant at the end.

take your restaurant online [step-by-step guide]
take your restaurant online [step-by-step guide]

A step-by-step guide to take your restaurant online and receive online orders.

Download Now
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take your restaurant online [step-by-step guide]
take your restaurant online [step-by-step guide]

A step-by-step guide to take your restaurant online and receive online orders.

Download Now