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What is a Digital Menu?

Going to restaurants and spending leisure time has been one of the pastimes of young people and families. Many people enjoy going to coffee shops and restaurants, but the advent of the Coronavirus affected them. On the one hand, the restaurants had to think of a way to get over themselves, and on the other hand, people started to miss the food of their favorite restaurant more than ever. It was here that the role of the restaurant's digital menu became more prominent.

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With the development of the Internet and technology, the future of businesses has changed a lot. For example, today we have restaurants that use digital menus and onboard menus. There are several reasons for a restaurant to use a digital menu. Many restaurants were tired of paying for paper menus and constantly changing them due to changing costs, which made it easier for customers during coronary heart disease. Internet marketing became very important for restaurants during this period; Losing their customers as little as possible with a bit of procrastination.

Why Is a Digital Menu Important?

Until now, smartening the space of coffee shops and restaurants in the country was done only by paying a high price to buy digital boards or tablets to order each table. Due to high cost, limited space design, and lack of features and capabilities in these smart methods, we have produced a very affordable product that the customer can use with his own phone without the need to install any software. The secondary software sees the collection menu, its prices, and descriptions in full, and will soon be able to place an order from there, become a member of the customer club (coming soon), and pay for their order online (coming soon). And be entertained until his order is ready. The purpose of this product is to make the space of coffee shops and restaurants in the country completely smart, and the digital menu is our first step in this direction.

digital menu in the mobile phone

How Do They Work?

It’s the easiest part. When creating the menu, you input all the information necessary such as price and turn the information into a QR code. These QR codes can be put on tables in innovative manners and the customers may use their smartphones to scan the code. That’s it. Now they have all they need on their phones and may order up.

Advantages of Digital Menus

A digital Menu is a digitized version of a restaurant menu available to your customers via QR codes. Digital menu boards make it quick and easy to update menu items, pricing, and other content. The digital menu is very different from the previous menus and allows you to register your order with just a phone call with the least hand contact in places that are very dangerous, even with the same mobile phone with a secure portal to pay for your order. And in this way, your health is a great asset is maintained.

In addition to this advantage, the digital menu has many other advantages. Here we tend to introduce some of these advantages:

scan to see our menu

Reduction in Costs

Costs such as multiple printing of menus due to successive changes in prices and increase or decrease of products, which in this period of time with these prices change the menu is not economical, the use of digital menus for cafes and restaurants are convenient and you can change or add or subtract all this information with a management panel that is at your disposal.

Reducing the cost of the waiter for large cafes and restaurants where there should always be a few people ready in the cafe and restaurant space, which is a very welcome advantage of restaurants and cafes and they have to create a digital menu that Encourages and attracts them to these new digital menus.

Easy Access to the Menu

The customer can access the menu at any time by scanning the QR code on each table. It used to be very difficult and the waiters could not reach all the customers and their requests wouldn’t be able to satisfy the customer completely, which might have been affecting the reputation of the restaurant or the coffee shop.

qrcode menu on table top

Gather Customer Information to Expand the Advertising Circle

Another important advantage of digital menus against classic menus is that the customers have to input their pieces of information, which will be extremely helpful for future advertisements. You can send a QR code to the customers in the area in order to attract them to your restaurant or coffee shop.

Upsell with Ease

Digital menu boards are champs at the upsell especially when they’re integrated with your POS system. When this integration is working, the digital screen can display complimentary menu items.

This can give you a huge rise in sales. For example, if you are a pizza restaurant, your digital board might recommend a salad or breadsticks. Many customers will go ahead and order, thus increasing sales.

Online Payment Portal or Cash Payment

You can pay for your order with the digital menu on your mobile phone with secure payment gateways, and if necessary, choose cash and pay for your order somewhere easily and without calling.

Ability to Change the Language for Foreign Tourists

The digital menu changes its language with the information it receives from the phone settings, and this helps a lot to improve your sales and makes it easier for you to sell to foreign people, and your foreign customers can easily register and pay for their orders.

Building Strong Relationships

Digital menu boards are part of your overall brand experience and as such help, you build stronger relationships with your customers.

Enjoyable Usability

Another benefit is that you can manage the menu board from anywhere – the restaurant, your home, or on vacation at the beach.

How do I Edit or Update My Digital Menu?

The admin of a digital menu application can easily edit the tags and pieces of information already inserted, only by logging in to the menu and changing the inputs. It’s actually very easy and time-saving.

update digital menu

How Much Does a Digital Menu Cost

Smartening the space of coffee shops and restaurants in the country was done only by paying a high price for digital purchases or tablets to order each table. Due to the high cost, limited space design, and lack of features and capabilities in these smart methods, a very affordable product has been designed to enable the customers to use their phone without the need to install any software and see the menu of the collection, its prices, and descriptions in full, and soon you can register your order from there, the member of the club of the collection club, pay the expenses online, and be entertained until the order is ready. The purpose of this product is to make smart coffee shops and restaurants in the country completely, and the digital menu is the first step in this direction.

Creating a digital menu is way more cost-worthy than older methods. You may also use platforms that let you do it for free, but they usually include some miner expenses for extra features.

How to Get a Digital Menu for Your Restaurant?

There are many ways to get a digital menu for your restaurant or coffee shop, but if you don’t want to pay the regular cost charged for making one, it’s the Appfood you want. Using Appfood, you may create your digital menu free and furthermore, it has many features that would help your business grow.

What Makes Appfood Digital Menu Different?

First of all, Appfood is free. There are many platforms that let you create your digital menu, but they usually charge you for that, or worse, they charge you secretly for additional features. That’s why you need Appfood. Appfood also has other features that would make it a perfect choice to help you run a clean and modern business:

  • Free usage
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Helps improve SEO
  • Captures and builds an E-mail list
  • Easy to update and edit
  • Various features without hidden costs
  • Marketing features including email and SMS marketing
  • Ability to define a discount code and launch a campaign
  • Tips and advice along the way

order from an online menu

Modern Businesses for the Modern Times

In these modern times, technology is the best equipment to help your business grow. In fact, one might say that technology is the modern business’ best friend. Restaurants and coffee shops do not exclude this statement. If you are in the food business, technology is here for you. Throw away your old menus and embrace what the technology offers you. A digital menu.

The benefits of the digital menu board are many because it allows you to connect visually with your customers.

Digital boards connect with your customers and mentally affect their order choices by providing beautiful images as well as nutritional information. The board lets you concentrate on customer service and provide a better overall experience to your diners.

Today’s restaurant guests expect a great dining experience, and the digital menu board helps you provide it.

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