About AppFood

The Idea of the Formation

We have launched many startups and led them to the market in the past years, that depending on the target community and the economic condition of the market, each of them has been able to attract a significant share of consumers to themselves. We have conducted a lot of research in the field of restaurant marketing and finally came up with the AppFood product. There were various services available to the restaurants around the world before AppFood, but the main difference between AppFood and its competitors is "the minimalist view in using the asymmetrical data of product and making it popular among the general public, especially small businesses in the food industry." Now, what does this mean? It means that we have set aside the negligible issues and have solved your problem concerning the final consumer and created a strategy for it, and we refer you to the solution introduction page for a better understanding of this issue. We try to simplify the use of food ordering systems and make them available for everyone by focusing on the basic needs of a business owner in the field of food.

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Our expertise and skills

Marketing 82%
Programming 88%
Management 90%
Consulting 65%

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Prospects and goals

"Each chef, an online menu"

We believe that as the relationship between the food supplier and the consumer becomes reinforced, we will see the development of this industry. And with this goal, we have provided the free service of AppFood for start-up businesses to easily communicate with the customer using the up-to-date and professional software infrastructure. We try to make this market more dynamic by creating a platform for the release and dissemination of the asymmetrical data in the food industry between food suppliers and consumers, and try to maintain the world food security and, of course, consumer health on the one hand and restaurant survival on the other.

The Mission

"the Mission of AppFood is the success of your business."

Having more than 15 years of experience in the field of information technology and the design and launch of 10 startup services by the founders of AppFood indicates the effort and purpose of this complex to develop the concept of digital discourse in all digital fields. One of our missions is the use of new communication platforms and dissemination of information in the web pages and social networks with the aim of establishing new communication with customers based on the concept of digital discourse, which is a new concept in the restaurant management industry.

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